Ryan Chhong


Wordle Reinforcement Learning Agent
Utilized REINFORCE with Baseline to teach an agent to play Wordle optimally. Wrote training pipeline and architecture from scratch using Python and PyTorch. Trained agent to have a 70% win rate.
Created a mobile app to serve as a personalized travel packing list. Used Google Cloud Vision to recognize missing items from the packing list and remind them. Built for HackTX 2019, won best use of Google Cloud Services.
IBM Employee Attrition Dataset Analysis
Utilized a variety of different classifiers to predict whether or not an employee would leave IBM. Performed data cleaning, feature engineering, and anomaly detection on the dataset.
Heart Attack Dataset Analysis
Utilized a variety of different classifiers to predict whether or not a patient would have a heart attack.
Optimized HackTX applicant portal and integrated a new sponsor portal. Created endpoints and new pages to facilitate Discord verification.
Created a customizable interactive contact tracing survey for use in commercial and public applications and a dashboard to aggregate visitors' transmission data. Implemented a role-based authentication system to restrict editing permissions and access to the surveys

About me!

Hi I'm Ryan and welcome to my portfolio website! I am currently a student at the University of Texas at Austin specializing in Machine Learning. I have experience working with PyTorch, pandas, matplotlib, and scikit-learn.
In addition to machine learning, I am also familiar with full stack development. I have experience working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and a variety of frameworks, including React, React Native, Express, and Node.
My hobbies include Mechanical Keyboards, Music, and Ricing. For my personal website, please navigate here.